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Mill-Rite is a full-service architectural woodworking company. All manufacturing and fabrication is controlled within the framework of the facility, from pre-construction and design to installation and warranty, often assisting with design and value engineering. Mill-Rite maintains total control of their projects, and at any point in time, a contractor, owner or designer may stop by the facility and check on the status of their project. In fact, this interaction is encouraged.

Architectural Woodwork

This highly specialized division of Mill-Rite encompasses wood veneer paneling, custom wood fabrications, custom wood and plastic laminate furniture, etc. Mill-Rite’s department heads comprise over a century of experience with many of them coming from the boating industry. Complex shapes and compound curves are not difficult tasks for this talented team. If Mill-Rite cannot build it out of wood, it cannot be built!


A 32mm system of European style modular casework is not only an industry standard but also Mill-Rite’s standard production casework system. This system is utilized whether wood or plastic laminate is specified. Melamine interior, 3/4″ nominal thickness of body members, PVC edging on doors and drawers, line boring, and European hinges comprise a few of the components of AWI’s prevailing standards.

Wood Mouldings

Since Mill-Rite grinds their own knives for their molder & sharpers, virtually any moulding profile can be produced in the plant. Complex radius’, multi-piece crown mouldings and built-up cornices are easily achieved with the talent of Mill-Rite’s experienced craftsmen. With Mill-Rite’s assistance, the architect or designer’s imagination is not limited to a supplier’s moulding profile catalog. However, AWI’s Quality Standards, 8th Edition illustrates a large selection of standard profiles.

Pre-Construction Services

Mill-Rite’s years of expertise have become invaluable to the construction estimator who has the task of providing their client with a budget. Mill-Rite has worked closely to assist in providing various options of materials so that the owner or designer can make informed decisions on their material selections.

Design/Build Services

Working with Mill-Rite early in the design phase saves the designer time and money. In order to accelerate a project schedule, Mill-Rite is often called upon to attend design meetings to offer input on construction methods and material selections. Mill-Rite’s architectural designers have a background in architecture, therefore, understanding the designer’s intent and environmental concerns.

Value Engineering

Hard bids reflect a current set of construction documents and have been designed around a budget that often time is created without the input of an architectural woodworker. Frequently, Mill-Rite is called upon during the bid phase to work with the contractor in finding ways to save their client money and bring the project within the original budget framework without sacrificing quality. Mill-Rite is always willing to provide this service in negotiating a final price for the project. There are numerous avenues that can be taken that do not necessarily impact the designer’s intent.

Latest News


Mill-Rite was recently awarded the 2011 ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for work on UT’s Sykes Chapel […]


The Orlando Events Center (Amway Arena) reached LEED Gold certification. Mill-Rite completed work on the arena last fall.


Mill-Rite launches New and Improved web site.

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